Who we are?

We are a Rotterdam-based agency and platform that provides our artists the freedom they need to develop. We believe artists should be more engaged in the musical aspect of performing, producing or promoting their music.  Thus, we offer all that is needed for careers to flourish. 


 We are ABSURD - we dedicate ourselves to, and for, the love of music!

What to expect? 

Thinking outside the box, for one. As an agency, we try to think along with our partners and clients. We rather collaborate than negotiate. Come and see for yourself!


Expect personal care with every booking. Expect changing, dynamic artworks. Expect other acts to join us in the near future, and expect showcases to express to the world of electronic music: ABSURD is here.

It's all about less paper

ABSURD believes in the green cause.


Unlike what crazy presidents are saying, we think we do need to take good care of our environment. This is why we take the ecological footprint we leave behind into account and encourage others to do so as well.


For instance, thanks to Gigwell, ABSURD works with online signatures, so less or no printing is necessary for signing a contract. Our artworks are all computer designed so no trees were harmed during the process.


Please do consider the environment before printing this page.

Why are we ABSURD?

Well, aren't we all!?


A wise man once wrote: 

"We cannot live human lives without energy and attention, nor without making choices which show that we take some things more seriously than others. Yet we have always available a point of view outside the particular form of our lives, from which the seriousness appears gratuitous. These two inescapable viewpoints collide in us, and that is what makes life absurd. It is absurd because we ignore the doubts that we know cannot be settled, continuing to live with nearly undiminished seriousness in spite of them."


Thomas Nagel - The Absurd